This site is all about Scotland, most of the pages are in English, if you don't see what you are looking for, or you need a translation. Within these pages you will find history like Hollywood only dreams about capturing, the Scots language, in my dialect, lallands and in Glaswegan. If you are Scots this is a trip down memory lane, the things yir grannie used to say will set you howlin. If you were "Born Beyond the Border" capture a part of that land from whence your ancestors set out though the eyes of a Scot still living in Scotland.I have lots of photies of Scotland and a dialogue of my visits mainly concerned with historical matters in one way or the other.

If you are a teacher the stories are suitable for children ( as indeed is anything here) and there is about nine pages of poetry from my own anthology of poems I use in class, many in Scots. If you are mearly curious about my country, bide a wee and enjoy. But who ever you are, please don't forget tae screive in ma buik an let me ken whit yi think!

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I am ra bleather ( the one who likes to chatter) I bleather here

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